Immigration Procedures

  1. Working in Japan
    1. Working at a Japanese company = Work Visa
    2. Establishing your own company = Business Management Visa
    3. Specified Skilled Worker Visa Certification Application
      • When inviting from abroad: ¥132,000 and up
    4. Extension of Stay for Current Visa
      • To extend the validity of your current visa: ¥66,000 and up
    5. Change of Status of Residence
      • For changing from a student visa to a work visa, etc.: ¥132,000 and up
    • Obtaining a work visa that aligns with your business needs is also necessary when hiring foreign workers for your company.
  2. Getting Married in Japan
    1. Marrying a Japanese national = Spouse or Dependent Visa
    • If you are marrying a non-Japanese national and plan to stay in Japan, obtaining a Family Stay Visa is necessary.
  3. Bringing Family Members to Japan from Abroad
    • Please consult with us for more details.
  4. Staying in Japan for a Specific Period
    1. Short-Term Stay Visa
    2. Medical Stay Visa
    3. Others
  5. Long-Term Stay in Japan
    1. Permanent Resident
    2. Long-Term Resident
    3. Others

Naturalization :Acquiring Japanese Citizenship

Others:Employment-Related Services for Foreigners, Support for Foreign Entrepreneurship, Japanese Language Education-Related Services (Advisory as a qualified Japanese language teacher), Visa Application Assistance for International Students

Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.


I specialize in visa applications and international affairs in Sapporo, Hokkaido, for foreign nationals. In my previous role as a Japanese language teacher, I had the opportunity to interact with numerous foreign individuals. During my overseas assignments and in Japan, I witnessed many foreign individuals who, due to lack of knowledge, faced challenges in obtaining visas and had to give up their lives in Japan to return to their home countries.

It was in such situations that I realized the importance of the work of an administrative scrivener in assisting foreign individuals. With that goal in mind, I obtained the administrative scrivener qualification. Visas are often crucial to the life decisions of foreign individuals who choose Japan among the world’s countries and opt to live in Japan. I am committed to supporting their stay in Japan to help them pursue the lives they desire with all my efforts.

I will do my best to support foreigners who have chosen Japan from among the countries of the world and who have chosen to live in Japan so that they can lead the life they desire in Japan.

Please feel free to contact us.

ALT Certified Visa Specialist Office

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist / Certified Visa Specialist

Ikuko Yokogawa


Graduate of a Junior College English Department

Graduate of a University Education Faculty (Bachelor of Education)

Ten years of service at Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd.

Passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test for Teaching / Completed a 420-hour Japanese Language Teacher Training Course.

Worked as a Japanese language teacher in Japan (Sapporo) and Thailand for approximately 20 years.

Passed the 2017 Administrative Scrivener Examination.

Established the Administrative Scrivener Office in June 2018.

Registered Administrative Scrivener with Notification at the Hokkaido Immigration and Residence Management Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.

Committee Member of the Hokkaido Administrative Scrivener Association’s Application Intermediary Administrative Scrivener Management Committee.